B.X. Falls – 10th Jan 2017

B.X. Falls was a great afternoon adventure. The snow was deep, the trail was untouched and we had the hike completely to ourselves. It was an overcast and cloudy day with a few sneaky flurries coming down…..

Its a short and fairly easy trail with a steep climb down rail-less stairs to reach the falls. We did this hike in the fall and thought nothing of the stairs, however in the winter the stairs become packed with snow and ice, are no longer visible and it’s extremely slippery to get down! Greg was a great help getting me down with my bung knee and had a few giggles at my weird ways of staying upright by clinging to trees rock faces and even going down backwards haha.

I tried to forget about how I was going to get back up and just settled in to enjoy my peaceful, untouched and beautiful surroundings. The falls almost freeze over completely  in the winter and you can only see a tiny trickle through the ice that has shifted at the bottom. Greg and I  enjoyed exploring the frozen creek, playing in the deep snow and making snow balls. it was also amazing and eerie watching the mini avalanches of snow  fall on us from the trees way up high as the wind blew the piled up snow down on us!


Snow being blown down!


B.X. Falls completely frozen over and covered in snow.


Split in the ice, you could hear the water rushing through below, check out the cool icicles!










Climbing back out was even more hilarious then getting down there! As it seemed anywhere I stepped  I only found ice! Greg enjoyed videoing my many “get so far up and then slide back to where I began’s” as well as my butt in the air as I crawled, contorted and and grabbed onto anything that would help me find grip to get back up, what an eventful little hike!

Playing in the snow is always fun! But I am excited that it started to warm up and melt off this week, this Aussie girl misses the warm weather a little!

As I write this I am sitting out on the balcony enjoying the warm sun on my face enjoying a lovely 6° day!

Thanks for joining us on our journey!




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