Be your own happiness was launched in 2014 as a collective way to share a little about living the travelers life as a young married couple (with a mortgage) as well as some tips and tricks on how to stay sane, happy and save money whilst travelling”

We hope to re-vamp this blog spot into a place of funny stories, information, beautiful photos and bring a little more happiness to all your lives.If this sounds like something you are interested in please follow along as we find our feet in this new life of adventure not only in the world but also online!


We are Nicole (24) & Greg (27)

Our blog was started as an easy way to record our very first trip overseas as well as keep in touch and share it with all our family and friends. Now that we have begun an exciting new adventure in Canada on an overseas working holiday, we have decided to open up the old blog and get her started again sharing information, stories and photos with friends and family as well as sharing any tips and tricks we pick up along the way!

Greg and I started dating in 2008 and quickly became inseparable, going on many small adventures up and down the coast of Queensland Australia. Not only best friends for life but also becoming Husband & Wife on the 4th of September 2010 this was the start of our biggest life adventure as we learned to live together, buy a house together, raise our fur child Appa together and Save for these crazy overseas adventures together!

Thank you for joining us in saying YES to new life adventures!

We hope to inspire you to follow your own dreams.

N&G ♥ 




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