Vernon Adventures!

The sun has been hiding during most of our time here in Vernon so far, so Greg and I jumped at the chance to head out for a little adventure on Tuesday as the sun was out in full force!

We headed to Turtle mountain and enjoyed a short hike up to the summit to enjoy the glorious view of the city soaking up the sun and enjoying being able to see actual dirt beneath our feet!


It was also Tooney Tuesday up at Silver Star Mountain for Ice Skating and Tubing. Costing only $2 each to skate and saving us $2 off skate rental’s saving us $15 overall! 

What a beautiful evening to skate as the sky was clear, it was a still -4° so not too chilly and the sun was setting, how I love golden hour!  

A wonderful day spent exploring with my love!

Thanks for reading!




One thought on “Vernon Adventures!

  1. Elaine

    Love the video! Great skating! Hope your knee is better Nicole. Glad I get to see you guys still and know you’re having a great time in Vernon. Miss you! Keep having fun 🙂 xo

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