“Life was meant for Good friends & Great Adventures!”

Boxing day was a day for ADVENTURE!

Our day started with a wake up at 4am! Thank goodness Tim Horton’s helped keep the sand man away and fueled us with 50 Tim Bits throughout the day for energy! hehe

Our early wake up  was all made worth it when the sun finally rose presenting us with an amazing view at our first stop on the Ice Fields Parkway, the beautiful and very frozen Bow Lake. Just breathtaking!  


We enjoyed wandering around this Winter Wonderland, taking in the views and learning to stick to the path, as walking off it each of us found ourselves waist deep in snow!


Next up was Peyto Lake and what an incredible place! We had the viewpoint entirely to ourselves and enjoyed the freshness of the air and the complete silence….. until we started the ever silly tourist pictures everyone must take!




We lucked out with the most incredible weather whilst driving the Ice fields Parkway, enjoying beautiful clear skies and relatively warm weather for being at such a high altitude. This road can be closed much of the winter due to bad weather and avalanches.



The Athabasca Glacier was almost invisible due to all the snow but still an incredible sight, where we again enjoyed silly selfies. Just as we were leaving Greggle’s decided to run down a snow bank which was all fun and games until he slipped on a puddle of ice, falling and hitting his elbow and shoulder very hard! I was so thankful it wasn’t his head! Here’s a little recap I managed to catch on camera, the last photo being the crater of Greg’s elbow in the ice! Thankfully Greg was okay, just ending up with a very sore shoulder!

Next up was Sunwapa Falls and Athabasca Falls, how incredible to see these half frozen falls, frozen on top with the water still streaming behind!

We made our way into Jasper and enjoyed using the last light to explore the Medicine Lake and Maligne Canyon.


We also enjoyed watching this Handsome fellow and a few of his friends grazing in the snow, probably offending them as we thought them at first to be Caribou. Sorry Mr. Elk!


During the day we also enjoyed observing a family of Rocky Mountain Sheep and the little Mule deer that have Kangaroo looking faces.


This is just part one of our amazing trip to Jasper and our White Christmas Adventure with Emma!

Stay Tuned,




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