Waterton Lakes Adventures! Pt.1 ~Wildlife~

“Adventure is worthwhile..dsc_9883

 Waterton Lakes National Park is truly a gorgeous place to visit especially in the summer months. We arrived early Sunday afternoon on 21st of August and were greeted with a beautiful clear day and weather somewhere in the 20 degrees and upwards. (this was a real treat as it had been a very cool summer) Before heading into town, we made a quick pit stop at a picnic area, this proved so worthwhile as we saw our very first wild Black Bear! This bear didn’t have a care in the world with a crowd watching her cool off in the river. The next day we saw another bear crossing the road and heading up the hill, being that the sighting’s were so close together we thought it was the same bear. As you can see in the photo’s they are quite different in color and one has a collar on. I’m so glad we got to see Bears in the wild safely and didn’t meet any on the trails!


This was not the only wildlife we saw during our 24 hours here! On our way back from our hike we observed this very vocal owl perched up high. (photo taken just after 9pm)


On our way home we stopped to drive through a Bison reserve. We really enjoyed viewing these strange beasts up close for the first time, they we’re surrounding the road we came in on which made for perfect viewing, I probably could have touched one they came so close! (not that I really wanted to as I was a little frightened.) Bison are relatively docile animals but have been known to charge and being so close to them, I was feeling very concerned as the males moved closer!  Greg as usual was super calm about it all knowing they were not acting threatening at all. I really only started to worry when one of the cute babies stopped in front of our vehicle as well as their being more on the road right behind us boxing us in and there would have been no escape if one charged us! There really was no threat, I’m just a baby about all Canadian Wildlife, and a little dramatic, which would actually make for a funny video if Greg had filmed me haha!


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