Jasper Trip pt. 2


After arriving and checking in at the “Lobstick Lodge” We enjoyed a quick wind down in our fancy hotel room before heading out for Dinner  at a place called “Something Else” Great food, Atmosphere and reasonable priced drinks also!


Heading back to the Lodge we were excited to experience this “hot tubbing outside in below 0°” thing that Canadians love so much!  It was -7° and  had just started to flurry also! So we put on our swimmers with track pants and hoodies over top (so hard to know what to wear down as it’s cold!) and headed down to experience this weirdness! It was freezing walking out on the icy deck, and we knew then in future to wear our flip flops out. The first hot tub we got into was actually not warm at all so we sat out freezing our bums off until we could move over to the one that was actually working, then we started to enjoy it, your face doesn’t get as cold as you would think! This was a lovely and relaxing way to set the tone for a a two hour nap before heading out at midnight  in search of some Northern Lights!

We headed out to a campground Greg and I had previously stayed at called Snaring Creek, about 20 minutes out of Jasper to find some nice dark sky without a lot of light pollution.

Unfortunately after having a super clear day some clouds had blown in to the North and only to the North  making visibility for the lights pretty low. However the stars were incredible in every other direction and we all had a wonderful time letting Greg create some awesome photos of us with this incredible view!




This was all worth the wait as during watching we could see flashes of light behind the clouds, they we’re even a little green looking? We were not sure that the lights were actually happening until we pointed the camera that way and with a long exposure sure enough we caught the tiniest flashes of Aurora! This was an Incredible night and although not what we completely hoped for, all of us felt so lucky to be able to share this time together! ❤

We got to bed at about 3.30am and were back up ready to go at 8.30am! We enjoyed breakfast at Smitty’s and checked out 5th and 6th Bridge before heading off for the day.

How lucky we were to be blessed with another gorgeous day, a little colder but beautiful all the same with views of running rivers and mountains all around. Even spotting a sneaky little squirrel dipping into his winter stash for a snack!



Before leaving town we stopped at Tim Horton’s for 3 XL Coffee’s to fuel us on our 7hr return trip home on the Ice fields parkway!

On the way outta town we took a drive up to check out Marmot Basin Ski Hill…..


Then hit the road for the spectacular drive home….. and saw absolutely no wildlife! haha Here’s a few shots from the drive home, We enjoyed many a silly tired conversation, laughs, sing a longs and lots of awe for these indescribable views!




How lucky I was to create these unforgettable memories with my very Best Friends!




3 thoughts on “Jasper Trip pt. 2

  1. Elaine

    Fantastic!! I love that your dearest friend was able to come out and spend some time making memories with you. It’s something the two of you will share forever. I love how you always make the most of your time and are open for me adventures and experiences. With that attitude towards life you’ll have everything you want and more. I’m happy to have met the two of you and know we’ll stay connected after you’ve moved on to a new location and adventure. Xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elaine

    Oops….my previous post should have read…. ‘open for NEW adventures and experiences’. Lol. I guess ‘me’ adventures and experiences works to, it is about you and the adventure. Either way…. just have fun while doing it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Elaine, you are amazing! I’m so glad I’ve been able to share part of my life with you, I am truly sad to leave and not get to see you frequently but it is time for next adventure, and I know that I will see you again someday and will forever stay in touch!
    Lots of love for you my dear friend! xoxo


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