Hello from day 7!

Today we slept in till like 8am Yay! We decided to hit the Outlet Mall much to Greg’s delight haha! I couldn’t wait to get started and hoped there would be some good deals, we’ve still been a bit wary about finding what’s a good deal after allowing for tax being added to everything and then conversion to Australian dollars.

We started off slow, I bought one shirt and we walked though many more stores where I tried things on, trying to figure out my size and choose great deals and I still couldn’t buy something! I told Greg to pick some shirts as they had a 3 for $30 deal at a surf shop, lots of colours to choose from I told him to pick some different ones ( he has a shirt colour range of Navy, black, grey and white haha) he picked some and came to show me I didn’t like any of the colours he picked! one was like a kaki brown, another dirty white and something else I don’t remember, I think I hurt his feelings a bit as he put them back and said he didn’t like them anyway and only picked the colours because I told him to choose different one’s to usual, poor Greggy!We then stopped at a Dickies brand store (I don’t like the brand much) they had cheap guys shorts and only small logo’s on them, Greg got himself two pairs of nice shorts for $40 such a good price! Desperate for some new Nike’s and feeling good from our recent purchase, we hit up the Nike store, I was disappointed in the clothing prices, not cheap at all and could not commit to a pair of shoes I liked.. we stopped at another store with nike’s on sale! Finding a pair I fell in love with in Australia worth at least $180 when I looked at them, they were $89 here and Greg just wanted me to buy them and have the shoe search over with! Sadly they did not have my size, I was really disappointed! (don’t worry tho I found where I can look for more with great prices ) We looked at a few more stores and I nearly bought two pairs for a pretty good deal, but could not decide on any of the styles as I didn’t like them nearly as much as much the ones I really want. Greg had now had it with the shoe search and encouraged me too look at something different, We hit up another surf shop and both found some great deals here yay! I got some cool T-shirts for $10 each, the stripe dress you have seen on instagram for $30 (Greg liked this one a lot, said I looked super hot, I love that guy!) and we both got two pairs of jeans for $50. Thats 4 pairs of jeans for $100 bucks a serious bargain!! Now time for lunch we stopped for a shared plate of Chinese, the serving was huge, I don’t know how others eat this buy themselves! $7 for a mound of fried rice and a massive serving each of Orange Chicken and Bourbon Chicken ( both delicious, orange being my favourite) it also came with a small drink with 1 refill! Bargain!

I did make greg walk the entire outlet with me, but did not buy any more clothes, before leaving we bought some delicious dried fruit mango and cantaloupe (rockmellon) its so soft, yummy and easy to eat and a great snack for our car trips! We also couldn’t resist the fancy popcorn, flavoured Popcorn is huge here and it is so yummy! We got milk chocolate, Caramel and Smores (which is biscuits, marshmallow, Caramel and chocolate mixed so good!) before heading back to the Excalibur we found a Radio Shack to check out some prices and checked out Target here which is also amazing, good quality and cheap!

Getting back to Excalibur we stopped for a rest for an hour or 2 as our feet and legs were tired from shopping! Now it was time to walk the strip! We left at 7.30 and did not return until 1.30am! I do not know how we both made it back and we both contemplated sleeping on a bench in the Bellagio as we were sure our legs would not get us back to the Excalibur! It was a great walk to see lots of things and inside many casino’s, everything so bright, fancy and expensive I really like the Paris and even the bathrooms were fancy also the MGM Grand had a fantastic rainforest cafe! There were mechanical monkeys, butteries and a crocodile, the whole cafe made too look like a forest! With leaves, trees and vines everywhere even massive aquariums with the most colourful fish!

Even tho Las Vega’s is expensive there is a lot of cheap, tacky stuff to buy as well if your into that kinda stuff. We waked from the Excalibur to the circus circus, looking through many casino’s and shops along the way some with 4 levels, the walk was about 5km each way! No wonder we were buggered when we returned! On the way be back we also got to see the volcano at the Mirage erupt, This was insanely cool and you could really feel the heat of the flame throwers!

Thanks for reading


Sorry for being too lazy to edit or label the photo’s, hope you still enjoy!

DSC_8945 DSC_8946 DSC_8949 DSC_8954 DSC_8957 DSC_8959 DSC_8960 DSC_8965 DSC_8973 DSC_8977 DSC_8990 DSC_8997 DSC_9005 DSC_9008 DSC_9013 DSC_9017 DSC_9021 DSC_9031 DSC_9059 DSC_9101 DSC_9102 DSC_9179Day 7 – Las Vegas


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