Grand Canyon from the Air!

Hello from day 5!

The internet is rubbish at the grand canyon so sorry to keep you all waiting!

Today was awesome! We decided on a sleep in (7am haha) as we were both very tired from yesterday’s drive. This worked out well giving us new energy for the day and our trip! (L.A is exhausting) this morning we had our light plane grand canyon flight and I was a little scared to go in such a small plane with Greg telling me how rough it was going to be the day before yikes! We checked in early and sat with small group of people, one of these groups concerned us as it was a mother, grandmother and 3 young children one no more than 2! they could not control the children especially the baby and we were concerned the kid would scream the whole flight, the mother was a very agro lady, yelling at her children instead of trying to entertain then whilst we waited she didn’t even want to change the baby who smelled as she only had so many dipers for the day , angrily going to change him when the grandmother made her…. feral! Fortunately we were in a small group of 11 people and 1 Pilot, and every one had a window yay! I was pretty nervous as soon as we got on the plane, Greg wasn’t at all nervous. There was a nice Spanish couple sitting in front of us the man was scared like me and the lady was fine like Greg.

Taking off was okay until it started to get a bit turbulancy, I was also super scared of the height factor so couldn’t look out the window to start, the whole thing felt like the lead up to a massive roller-coaster drop to me and I kept closing my eyes haha. I soon got over this telling myself that there has been many different times I could I have died in my life and today would not be it! I really started to enjoy myself and the view was Amazing! Greg was enjoying himself to start, but after about 35 minutes the turbulence was too much for his stomach to handle and he was getting quite sick, as was the Spanish lady in front of him! The landing was a bit scary but as I had gotten over my initial fear I quite enjoyed the thrill, as did the Spanish man in front of me haha! The lady was very frightened and screamed, crying when we finally landed. Which made for a funny role reversal for us and them followed by a brief and funny conversation on the irony of the situation. I seriously had so much fun!! But it made Greg feel quite sick for a few hours poor boy, so we headed back to the hotel for an hours rest and recovery before attempting the rest of our day.

We took a slow start to the afternoon, using the shuttle buses to explore the south rim of the canyon. We so soon realized again that using the buses takes ages, not the buses themselves but the standing and waiting in lines to even get on a bus, but other than walking miles & miles they were the best form of transport. We still really enjoyed the sights and events of our day at the Grand Canyon and discussed the difference of the heat over here, when stopped in the sun it would quickly warm you up, but as soon as standing in the shade or walking on you would cool off pretty quickly and it was a kind of comfortable heat, lets put it this way I had my hair down and a hat on and my head didn’t not end up in a sweaty mess, In Australia I avoid wearing hats as I always end up in a sweaty mess! On the bus back to the hotel we were lucky enough to see a male Elk grazing, he was so beautiful and had massive antlers! Heading back to our hotel a bit earlier this evening we enjoyed a nice cheap dinner of 99c hot dogs and some pringles (fancy I know!)

I am really enjoying spending all this time with my lovely husband having silly and funny conversations about stupid things, whilst enjoying all these amazing sights, how blessed I am to do life with him!

Thanks for reading

N & G


The Pilot get’s ready to take off and boy am I nervous!!


Bush fire, caused by lightning strike!


The road from up high in the sky!


Such an amazing place! and a great way to see it!


The Colorado River


Greg feeling a bit green, but putting on a brave face for me (I love him!)

DSC_8086 DSC_8096

How cool do the shadows of the clouds look!

DSC_8102 DSC_8129

The North Rim is higher than the south (where we stayed and explored) and gets more rain, allowing things to grow and be much greener on this side.


Terrible photo I know, but this was a herd of buffalo!

DSC_8146 DSC_8156

Some rapids!


Not a great photo of me, but I had to take a selfie as Greg was uhh … busy poor guy..


Wanna be Hiker chick..

DSC_8250 DSC_8274

Hung out with this little guy whilst having a rest, eating Pringles and watching the view with Greggy (photo captured by Greg)


Not a bad place to chill hey…


Hermits rest

DSC_8304 DSC_8310 DSC_8344 DSC_8358

We await our dreaded chariot…

DSC_8374 DSC_8378 DSC_8449 DSC_8494

How beautiful is this guy!



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