Day 3 – Tip Don’t try to do everything, its impossible!

Hi Again

Today started off early, and we began the morning with the intention of Letting me loose in forever 21 for an hour before catching the Hop – on Hop off tour bus! (Greg was thrilled with the idea.. haha) unfortunately when we got to the store we discovered it did not open till 10 on sunday’s, so we changed our plans to visit that night when finished our bus tour. (It is light here till 8pm and shops on the boulevard do not close till like 11pm!) We started the morning with 2 hour Bus tour to downtown L.A, we didn’t end up getting off on any stops as we were enjoying the audio tour, and wanted to leave time for Santa Monica Pier and La Brea Tar Pits it was also a nice change to just sit and view this super busy city! This was all going fine, until we realised just how long it takes to get to the many different places on the bus, also one of drivers was 20 minutes late to leave the first stop on our second bus line and took over 10 minutes each time to pick up a few passengers at stops. This made me very angry and stressed, causing a few unhappy moments between Greg and I throughout the day.

There weren’t many things we got off to see as the bus took so long to get to places (traffic is insane, so its not always the drivers fault) but we didn’t realise it would be so bad, and by the end of the day we shouldn’t have tried to fit so much in. So the places we did manage to get off and visit today were, Rodeo Drive in Beverly hills which nice to look at and experience but to expensive to even eat in the area. Our next stop was Santa Monica Pier where it decided to properly rain on us (that’s right 300 sunny days and we had to get one of the bad ones!) and become very cold (both of us in summer gear with no jumpers, some guy said I looked like one big goosebump haha). We were also starving by then not having eaten since breakfast at 7am, and it was now about 3pm, we chose the closest burger place out of the rain called Pier Burgers and enjoyed the food scoffing it down on a bench in the rain as there was absolutely now where dry to sit! Overall the pier was good to see, but with bad weather and limited time was a let down. Next we made our way to the Tar pits after another long wait for a bus and another long ride on the bus, we made there and hour after the museum closed so wandered the grounds instead, walking on the grass was a pleasant change to all the hard cement.

We then had another long wait to catch the bus back to hollywood, making back there at about 8pm. Greg encouraged me to go shopping (probably thinking it would cheer me up as I was pretty tragic and feeling sad and homesick!) Being that I was so tired and exhausted I didn’t mange to find anything that fit me well and that I liked enough to buy I think this was mostly because of being tired and not really feeling like it (if you know me well this is so not me, I love shopping).

Before heading back to our hotel we stopped for dinner at 9pm Sharing another New York Pizza slice and Chips. Greg then took me to a 7eleven and bought me Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, I love that Guy!

Now it was time for bed as Tomorrow is the big grand canyon drive!

Thanks for reading

Nicole & Greg

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