Sleep makes everything better!


This will just be a quick post as Day 2 was fantastic!

After getting a good nights sleep! (Yes so good!) We headed off for our continental hotel breakfast early like 6.30am, we got to try our first Bagels and smear haha, Greg would not try the cream cheese and I wasn’t too keen unless mixing it with the jam, we ate up a storm as it was free! and we were pretty hungry after only eating the pizza and pretzel the day before.

Now it was time to start the day! we walked to the closest metro station on Hollywood boulevard, it was about 8am and completely deserted, really great to see it this way, after going down into the subway we were having trouble working the ticket machine as they don’t give tickets anymore only cards. Thankfully after a short time a nice man showed us and a few others how to get our metro cards, we tipped and thanked him for his trouble. Getting onto the train we couldn’t help but notice many sketchy people (I’m not sure if they really were or it was just me being paranoid…) the train also went super fast and it was so noisy, I actually found it a bit scary. The next step was to catch the free shuttle up to universal studio’s! this was such an easy process taking 15 minutes and cost us $8 (train ride for the way there and back for both of us) for the trip instead of having to drive over half hour and pay $20 parking!

Excited for the day and feeling good after yesterday we quickly discovered that paying for Front of the Line Passes were so worth the extra money and we both feel like its what helped make the day so great, as even if their was a line in the front of the line area we never had to wait more than 10 minutes for a ride if that! it was so good to be skipping lines of people, some willing to wait 90 minutes to get on a ride!

We liked everything, and only missed the Mummy roller coaster as Greg’s back was sore and I was not going by myself!

Lots more to tell and many more photos to share, but its time for bed! I’ll come back an edit this post adding more information!

Thanks for reading

Nic & Greg


DSC_6577 DSC_6678 DSC_6628 DSC_6599 DSC_6598 DSC_6594 DSC_6580


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