Big Plans!

Greg and I have some exciting plans coming up……..

Hi Guys! Sorry for the radio silence for the past week, been busy recovering from hurting my knee skiing last Tuesday. I inflicted more damage then I thought and looks like it’ll take a few weeks to be back fully active again, trying to rest it properly and take it easy so it heals quickly, but it’s a struggle for me as I get bored easy! ūüôā

This is a week after the fall and I almost have a knee cap again! Greg’s taken to calling me “Fat-ney” like Britney but not quite hahaha


We had an awesome time Skiing at Lake Louise for the first time and as soon as I’m healed up we will be back at it, super keen to give snowboarding a go also!

Here’s just a few quick phone pic’s, check out that view and our perfect weather! Stay tuned as we have some video of our day coming soon.





Okay so back to the news!

On Thursday the 2nd of February (Groundhog day!) Greg and I are moving 7hrs away from Calgary, We are headed across the Border to Vernon, British Colombia. There we will stay with our awesome friends Luke, Bree and Abbey who have generously invited us to share their home for awhile. We look forward to exploring the other side of these awesome mountains as well as the beautiful forests and lakes of B.C!

We are so very excited for new adventures but also a little sad to say goodbye to our home for the past 7 months and¬†the beautiful family that we felt ‘adopted’ into. Elaine, you have made this stay so wonderful and also made it so hard for us to leave! We are so glad you came into our lives, also this is farewell for now, not goodbye! ¬†lots of love to you! xo

Thanks for reading!







3 thoughts on “Big Plans!

  1. Elaine

    It’s been such a pleasure having you and Greg with us. It’ll be hard not to know you’re just steps away. You’ve both been so great! Thank you for taking such good care of the basement. I’m excited for the next part of your journey and can’t wait to see you this summer. Have a see trip to BC and please stay in touch. Love you lots! Xo

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