Heritage Park Day! – 13.07.2016

Today we set out on a seemingly nice weathered day, rain & storms were forcasted but we were going a bit stir crazy so continued with our plans for a day out.We walked to the C-train that goes from one end of Calgary to the other pretty centrally it is only a minute walk from where where we are staying and a great way to get around the central parts of the city.
Its the buses after getting off the train that get a bit tricky, as long as you research your route and get on the right bus its not too bad…(more on that story later!) Finally we arriving at Heritage park after an hour on/ waiting for public transport. heading into the park we were glad our Host Jacqueline mentioned an online coupon that you can show them to get 50% off of our second= entry ticket as they we’re $26 each, this isn’t too bad for a day out but is always nice to save money!
Heritage Park is so worth the money and the time its like a tiny little village set out and presented so well, you wouldn’t know you were in the middle of a big modern city! The old buildings were set out in such a way it felt like an olden day township and the gardens were absolutely stunning and very well kept. Volunteers and Staff were dressed for the time period and used language appropriate also. The staff we’re also great sources of information on the many buildings as well as the Boats, Trains and horses too.
Both of us thouroughly enjoyed a calm and relaxing ride on the paddle steamer boat around the river and escaped impending rain getting on the steam train going for a ride around the park. Like I said before everything is so well kept, we were so impressed and really enjoyed out time here! We indulged in fries with Ketchup & Mustard and an old fashioned Cheese roll (they had run out of cinnamon megga sad face!). Greg and I spent hours walking through the many houses and reading about the historys of these buildings and who lived inside The furniture and belongings inside were all so amazing to see, well kept and presented so neatly.
The weather was really starting to get bad around 3.30 and after watching the street show we hurried through many of the other buildings trying to see as much as we could, after visiting the barracks it really started to bucket down, we attempted to visit the Indian village and other pat of town but got stuck in a little shack of a house along the way as it started to hail as well as rain very hard! Their was no lighting in the shack and there was many mannequins in the various rooms, this was a little creepy! Eventually the rain slowed a little and we decided to run up to the train station, our feet and legs got soaked and the water was freezing! (Canadians also have the smallest flattest umbrellas I have ever seen, kinda useless really, I cant wait to find a bigger more useful one!). We waited at the station hoping for the rain to stop and a train to take us out to save us for getting even more soaked but the trains had stopped running eventually the rain  slowed down enough for us to walk back to the entrance, our feet still freezing and continuing to get soaking wet as there were many deep puddles to walk through! We laughed about it though to keep the mood light and continued to have fun and we enjoyed seeing all the hail left over on the ground it looked magical all clumped together in the gardens, on the roofs and around the trees, really looking like the snow had come early! (kinda felt like it too ;P).
Before leaving as we still had time, we decided to visit the auto museum and continued to be amazed by the quality of the museum and of the cars inside, so many beautifully restored vehicles as well as signs and other memorabilia! This museum was again very well thought out and not the least bit cluttered. Overall we really enjoyed our day at Heritage park, it was just a shame it rained so much! Now back to the horrible bus transport story….  on our way to our Airbnb we waited 30 minutes in the cold just for a bus to arrive to picjk us up from Heritage park!  We soon figured out why it took so long…. it seems that Calgarian Canadians don’t know how to drive when it rains ( they are not use to it haha) and it took us minutes to get back to the train station! (first trip was 10-15 minutes) Greg and I didn’t let this ‘dampen’ our awesome day though 😉
Thanks for following along! (I’ll try to post these blogs a little quicker, its harder than you think!)
Now for what you all really want… the PHOTO’s!
Greg & I enjoyed posing with their gorgeous statues!
I actually do not know what I was supposed to be doing… maybe pretending the deer had bad breath?…
Greg being big & scary haha
A very cool Windmill
This mill was built completely by hand and originally contained no metal parts!
Train Station
Lovely old Paddle Steamer the Moyie
Greg enjoying the ride
Beautiful old house #1
We didn’t get to go on the Ferris wheel because of the rain 😦
Chair Swing
Enter a caption
A cool store selling very cool things
This was my Favorite house! I wish We could build something like this back in Australia without it costing us a million dollars
Pretty Gardens!
SO many beautiful old things throughout the  houses and park
I really loved this old toy room!
How cool is this birdcage? …. well maybe not so much for the birds…
Beautiful old house #3
The Opera House and the Storm coming over
Big old barn
A very big Mill!
Beautiful horses & carts everywhere!
How gorgeous are the costumes! …. Typical kids were asking her if she is married and has any children? …. don’t they have any other questions haha


Me and a Tipie, right before it poured on us!


Old barracks
More First Nation Tipis
Rain, Rain go away…
We finished the day looking through all these beautiful cars!


This was my Favorite!
so pretty!





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