Spruce Meadows & Afternoon Adventures

Greg and I have been so welcomed to join in on many day to day activities in only 4 days of being here! Booking into AirBnb has been the best decision we have made by far on how to ease into this life changing trip. That’s not to say you couldn’t go wrong with AirBnb but it seems its kind of like tinder (not that you swipe left or right) but both parties have to decide if they like the others profile before being able to book the room.

Today’s adventure began with being invited to attend a Show jumping event at Spruce Meadows (Spruce Meadows is an equestrian facility in Calgary, Alberta built by the Southern Family and opened in 1976. The show jumping complex is in the foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains just south of the city and comprises 360 acres (1.5 km2) ).

Greg was keen to check it out…. but excited was an understatement to me! I couldn’t wait to experience a REAL equestrian center, something I’ve never experienced before. Spruce Meadows is set out so beautifully even the walk ways between the different event arenas are charming with the trees reaching over to meet in the middle and the lights styled after lanterns. Mounties guarded the way into the most fancy buildings, everything was simply lovely.DSC_4968.JPG

We headed out to the 11.15am event and enjoyed setting up right at the guard rail amazed to look over the biggest show jumps I have ever seen!  This of course made sense when the horses came out to jump them. I was again surprised as these were some of the tallest horses I have ever seen! It was amazing to watch these horses sail over the giant jumps tucking their legs up tight to their bodies, smoothly landing on the other side. Here are just a few of the photos we took over the course of this exciting event.

Saluting the judges before starting.


Such power!
This horse was quite a bit smaller than the others, look at those legs tucked right up!


Such gorgeous horses
This jump was a super tough one as the horses had to jump it and then head down a super steep hill straight after. Many of the horses spooked before the jump, not this one though, what a champion…..
…..not a worry in the world
One of my Favorite shots from the day!
Something a little Arty

After the Show Jumping event (a Canadian won on a horse called Quetchup) we got to visit the stable and pat some of these gorgeous giant horses! Even the stables were super impressive and again, like nothing I’ve ever seen in real life.

Such lovely horses!
Horse crazy girls! (Greg’s thoughts for the day)
My favorite photo from the day ❤ – taken by Greg 


On our way back from Spruce Meadows, Greg & I were introduced to a very popular Western store called Lammle’s. It was amazing inside, everything western you could think of! Sparkly belt buckles and jeans and the biggest collection of cowboy boots I have ever seen!

This is just one of 3 walls!


I couldn’t help but try on a pair, these were very plain compared to some, but I secretly loved them haha! The price tag for these coming to a tiny fee of $240!! 

We finished this busy Sunday tagging along with Jess for a photos shoot in the pretty Canola Fields. On our way we headed out to a town called Okotoks whilst outrunning a nice wet lightning storm!

Jess being a creeper in the Canola Field haha
Gorgeous model Krista 
Our beautiful Swiss friend Ranja
My failed attempt at modeling haha

This is turning out to be a great life adventure so far!







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