Day 23 – Griffith Observatory, FINALLY!

Day 23

We checked out of the Mission Valley San Diego hotel today and I think it was the nicest place we stayed, fancy with big beds, lots of pillows a bath, fridge, pool and hot tub. We also had a great receptionist fella check us in, friendly, funny and happy to hear all about Australia, stopping to talk to us a few times whilst we staying there and having some good laughs, he gave us his card and asked if we would keep in touch with him if we wanted, we definitely will as he helped us enjoy our time here and how cool to have a friend from our trip.

Our first stop for the day was seaport village, and what a cute little shopping and eating area of San Diego, right by the water and not as busy as we thought it would be. There was a dog event happening and so many beautiful breeds of dogs to see! There was a little scotch terrier looking dog, so tiny, I asked if she was a puppy but no she is 14 years old and the size of a small Chihuahua. I could have stayed here and watched all the beautiful dogs all morning (we’re really missing Appa).
They had some really neat shops here and we had a great time looking through them and purchasing some cool items, definitely worth the visit and I’m glad we took the time.

Now was the drive back to L.A and I can’t tell you how sick of being in the car we are, it was also grid lock most of the 2 hr drive so we were exhausted and ready for a nap by the time we finally got to L.A! Determined to see the Griffith Observatory we headed back up for one last try it was so busy again, cars and people everywhere, but we lucked out and found a park at the top yay! This was so worth the hassle guys, such a cool experience and both Greg and I are major space lovers. We headed straight to the planetarium for a show and wow the Academy of Sciences one had nothing on this. It was a show called ‘Light of the Valkyries’ Based on the stories of the Nordic folk law and using parts from a 14 hr long opera written by ‘some dude’ (sorry guys haha), it doesn’t sound cool but it really was! This was the way the Vikings explained what they couldn’t understand, during the show they also told us the factual information as to why the northern lights happen, what the sun is made of, different star views of the world and the Viking’s view of the constellations. We seriously could have stayed and watched all the shows all evening, but there was a whole observatory to explore and explore we did, so much to see, learn, touch and play with. I really enjoyed the planet facts with scales to show you how much you would weigh on the planet and scale models of the planets, there was also a piece of the moon to see and lots of meteorites! We were both in heaven and what a fantastic way to spend our second last day in California.

We checked in this evening at the Best Western Hollywood hills, Had our last slice of New York Pizza for tea and have settled in to pack our suitcases properly and prepare for our journey home tomorrow night. This will most probably be my last blog until we get home and then I will update you on our very last day and what the flight was like home.

Looking forward to being home, thanks for reading.


Cool Church
yes there is a place called carlsbad… weird
haha so cool
a massive mansion on a hill
The mighty Tritons!


The Grand Griffith Observatory



The ceiling in the observatory
The projector in the solarium




A wall of the periodic table



The coolest dude ever getting rich and then donating the land for the Griffith park, observatory and Greek theater for the people!




The Tesla coil at work! so cool
Tesla coil powering the neon sign


The city looking quite clear today
The Big Telescope
A piece of the moon! so cool!!
Lots of meteorites
The scale model planets
just a little of the traffic headed up to the observatory when we left

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