Lazy wanderings in Calgary.

Be crazy. Be stupid. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Because life is to short to be anything but happy.

This last Sunday, Greg & I enjoyed a lazy day out in the city as our plans to visit Edmonton had literally been snowed out! ( Waiting to get our snow tires on, just to be safe)

We started off with a visit to McKenzie Towne, a cute little part of the city  designed with a classic small town architecture feel and beautiful landmark community buildings.





Here we enjoyed a good feed at a Hip Burger joint called Smash Burger, just look at this deliciousness!

Greg & I also came across the amazing baby face masks (top of the page photo) in the local Dollar store, these masks had us in stitches! So realistic and apparently fitting for our personalities…… Greg’s mask is my favorite haha!

Moving on we had a quick visit in Inglewood, Calgary’s oldest neighborhood, a quirky little street filled with many coffee shops, places to eat, antique stores and even a theater.


Again time for another snack (always hungry) we stopped at the famous Village Ice Cream, This Place is actually so amazing with its creamy homemade ice cream and fresh waffle cones made in store. Greg had strawberry & I had chocolate brownie smash, 2 seconds after this selfie my fragile waffle cone shattered and it was life or death for a few seconds whilst I juggled my ice cream and saved it of a cruel fate melting on the ground! Thankfully I caught it and enjoyed a new experience of eating  ice cream from the palm of my hand haha.

We finished our day with a quick drive up to a great viewpoint for Greg to take a few snaps of downtown, getting the amazing mess of railway in the foreground.


Ending our day with YES more food (we needed dinner okay) from a place called the British Chippy. Our friend Elaine referred us to this place as we keep talking about real chips, not these thin fries you get everywhere in Canada! It was a pretty expensive feed with one piece of fish and a regular serving of chips for almost $18 but was great for a throwback to a little Aussie living.


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