Hello Henry Houdini!


This is Henry, He came into our lives about 14 weeks ago and has done a stellar job of helping us achieve many of our goals & adventures since moving to Canada!

Whats in a name?

Henry is a 2008 Ford Escape. How interesting that our vehicle of choice …well the one that ticked all the right boxes, good price, all wheel drive, enough room in the back for all our junk, seat warmers etc. Be branded with the name ESCAPE?  What a fantastic coincidence this was considering this Working Holiday/Overseas adventure Greg & I are on is in fact an ESCAPE from our day to day lives.

This made it pretty easy to pick a name for our handsome steed and so Henry Houdini was born.

(he doesn’t make it into many of our photo’s as Greg is a little ashamed to own a Ford…..)


Anyway here’s some pretty photo’s from our very first ESCAPE to with Henry:          Elbow Falls & Forget me not Pond 27th July 2016 


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6 thoughts on “Hello Henry Houdini!

  1. Susan

    Hi Nicole, keep up your writing please….. I love reading them and no they are not too long. Your pictures are amazing also. I show them to Wendy and the grandkids and we are all super excited for you and Greg to be traveling and fulfilling your dreams. Stay focused on what you want not on what is happening right now and the money and job will come. Feel good about it coming. Love to you both xx

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