Mind ramblings from the otherside of the world…..


I apoligize in advance for this rant filled blog post…. read at your own risk…

I’ve been pretty quiet since moving to Calgary with Greg. I tried the blog thing and it was hard. Hard to know what to write, hard to want to make time to write and hard because I didn’t get any feedback from any of the few blogs I did write…. Then I started working and the soul sucking $11.20 an hour selling expensive but crappy shoes didn’t inspire me much at all either…. Maybe I made my blogs too long? Maybe our photo’s are not very good? maybe I’m just not very interesting? Maybe, maybe, maybe…..

Enough of the maybe’s! Since quitting my soul sucking, non – paying (a very long story) and just all round terrible workplace job, Ive been busy doing….nothing! Well thats not completly true, the first few days I was inspired, I was going to find another job to tide us over till we moved to Banff, Maybe even make a little money online…. nope nada, no one wants me in Calgary, not even Mcdonalds!?Also i’m too worried about scams online to commit to anything and now after a few unemployed weeks I feel bad trying to get a job only to quit in possibly a few weeks to move to Banff anyway….

Banff is a whole other story, hearing things like “getting a job is easy”, and “there are always heaps of jobs going” made us feel confident that it wouldnt be too difficult to get work and move onto the next step of our working holiday. But all of the feedback we have had in the last 3 weeks has been “you’re too early for the season come back in 2 weeks” or “we’re not hiring right now” I’ve applied for so many jobs online my brain hurts and twice now we’ve driven up for a resume run, dropping off to each and every hotel/fast food place possible…

….So after feeling sorry for myself for the last 3 weeks. I’m getting back into into this blogging thing. Even just to give me a little something to do with my current ‘Free Time’ rather than lazing about watching netflix and exploring the many exciting large shopping company’s like Walmart, Canadian Superstore, the Malls etc… this sounds pretty good but window shopping gets old and I  feel too guilty to buy anything because I’m a jobless bum living off my Husbands wage… Haha.

So that’s the current update on our trip! During this time we have had many amazing weekends away camping and exploring and I’ll be updating the blog over the next few weeks with these little stories and lots of photo’s, to keep my active mind busy!

Thanks for listening to my little self centred rant….




10 thoughts on “Mind ramblings from the otherside of the world…..

  1. Judy Taylor

    Dear Nicole and Greg…
    First let me re a sure you…we have thoroughly enjoyed your fantastic journey & all of your pictures …so keep up the good work…
    Sorry to hear you are having problems in getting a job…so pray that things will work out for you soon…
    So keep up the good work of picture posting for us poor peopke who can’t get to Canada. ..
    Love to you both ..Judy & Allan..xx

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    1. Hi Judy & Allan, Thankyou for your kind words and positive vibes! We’re trusting in his plan and know something right will come along for us soon. I’ll get busy updating this with more of or recent adventures in the time being, Hope you are both well. xo


  2. Sharon James

    I love seeing your photos and reading your blog!! Keep them coming please!!!!! And always remember that you are on a trip, this isn’t and shouldn’t feel like your everyday life. So even if it’s hard getting a job, enjoy the break from it as it doesn’t come around often that you can be in a beautiful part of the world and just get to enjoy it! It sucks that we need money to get by, but no money can buy the experiences you guys are having and the memories you are making xx

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  3. Breen Kennedy

    I absolutely love seeing all your pictures and think they are great! Pls keep posting as I love seeing what you guys are up to 😊 Good luck on the job front x

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