Day 13 – San Fransico

Blog post 13

Hello! We started our day off checking our money transfer and guess what, it went over! Yay! No more stressing about not having fuel money to get to San Francisco (the only reason we ran so low was because of the no internet at Yosemite) the best western provided breakfast and I had fun making Greg and I waffles, not like any I have ever had before they were huge and fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside yum! Oh how I love continental breakfasts. We decided to head to the science and discovery museum this morning (made some time for it by changing our planned route to San Fran to a shorter one) as this is kind of what we came through Sacramento for. Arriving at the museum I started to realize that it wasn’t like described on the internet, looking very much set up for children. Greg was hopeful it would be cool inside, so we paid our $6 each and went in, it took us a half hour to get through this tiny museum set up for kids, there was some cool stuff like a giant frog and tortoises to look at and they had some meteorite rocks, but that was about it, we left Sacramento feeling a bit defeated. Its definitely a cool place to visit, but didn’t work out great for us.

Now it was time to head to San Francisco, I could not wait, so excited for this city! It was only about two hours away, so we made a stop at wall-mart to take a look around on the way. We found the cheap stuff guys! A whole store off it, I went crazy in the make-up isle, buying lots of stuff. Heaps of things I already use $10 cheaper or more, so I stocked up! It had everything, so Greg was occupied in electrical and computers whilst I hung out in the make-up isle. Everything was cheap, can’t wait for another visit!

Back out on the highway we headed down through the little town of Sausalito in search of fuel, heading down through the back streets of there houses, this is the craziest set up of houses I have ever seen on such a steep and narrow street. The houses were all quite unique and cool, but it would be an awful place to live. Finally getting down into the town, we found it to be a very cool little town with a great view of the bridge, the town was packed with tourists on bikes. We found some fuel and headed back up and out of Sausalito, the craziest designed town I have ever seen, a very cool place to visit.

Heading in an over the bridge, this was so exciting and it was quite a clear day so we were lucky, we made our way through the city to our hotel. The architecture is truly amazing, and I love the style of the buildings, so much more culture and history than big glass buildings (although they do have a few of those) we hit union square and it was crazy busy! The upscale shopping area of the city and there was nowhere to park or stop, the few parking complexes charging a small fortune! This was stressing Greg out as we had circled past our hotel twice and did not want to use the valet,($50 just to park the car for you) and the self parking was $33 a night!!! we soon realized this was because the hotel had nowhere to park cars and used a parking complex round the block, we had nothing else to do but pay it neither of us very happy about paying another $100 to this hotel just to park our car! Finally checking in and getting up to our room, we opened it into a closet, I think the whole room split into a pantry sized bathroom and having a walk in closet would be the size of mine and Gregs room and bathroom combined, it was tiny! But livable so we got over it! It was almost 6 when we were ready to head out for a look around, so we walked down to Macy’s in search of my Nike shoes, getting there I found them at the fabulous price of $59! but they did not have my size again, I was so annoyed as I had been so excited to have comfortable shoes for walking in this huge city and I was determined not to buy another pair till I had these specific ones! Macy’s is a cool place, up scale but still with great prices and sales racks, this Macy’s was also like 5 stories high! We only checked out two haha, I also checked out a H&M loving all the fashion, and the prices! It was time to head back as everything was closing, and as we hit a cross walk a homeless man said high and asked me where I was from, he was very polite and selling newspapers for $1 as he was a veteran trying to find his way in the world, we had no change and I felt sad to turn him down as he was actually doing something instead of rattling a plastic cup in my face, we stopped for something to eat across the road and had a dollar come out in change, so we both went back and give this to him, he was very grateful and we both felt good about this. There is a lot of homeless people here and many people out that yell and scream out randomly, looking like they are on drugs, a bit scary but there are so many people everywhere at one time surely some would help if we got into trouble!

We headed back to the hotel for the night feeling ready for our first proper day exploring San Francisco tomorrow!

Thanks for reading


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DSC_1496 - Copy
The crazy town of Sauselito

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DSC_1517 - Copy
First glimps of the The Golden Gate Bridge!

DSC_1524 - Copy

DSC_1542 - Copy

DSC_1569 - Copy
How cute are these dogs? Missing Appa alot!
DSC_1578 - Copy
Driving over The Golden Gate Bridge!

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DSC_1607 - Copy

DSC_1608 - Copy

DSC_1628 - Copy

DSC_1631 - Copy

DSC_1632 - Copy

DSC_1644 - Copy
It would suck to do his job!

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