-Orionid Meteor Shower-

When life knocks you down…. roll over and look at the stars”


Thursday night Greg & I headed out after midnight to observe the Orionid Meteor shower.

In this big city it is hard to find a place dark enough without driving for nearly an hour, being that Greg had to work the next day, we settled at a nice little park that was pretty dark and had a wonderful view of Downtown. (hats off to Greg for the gorgeous photo)


Greg and I both saw a few larger shooting stars before the camera was set up and ready to go! So gorgeous but typical not to catch them on camera. We sat and watched for over an hour and unfortunately didn’t catch any meteors on camera the light pollution was just a little too much.

We still had a great time heading out to enjoy the night sipping on some wonderful white hot chocolate ( new blog coming soon… Confessions of a Tim Horton’s addict haha)

We decided an hour was enough though with the temperature at -2! and headed home to bed.

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4 thoughts on “-Orionid Meteor Shower-

  1. Julia Lawrence

    Lovely to receive your photos and what a wonderful time you are having over there. When do you expect to come home? Your house is still in one piece and the yard is well looked after and lawn mowed. We don’t have anything to do with them and I will tell you why when you come home. Nothing much but I am not wanting to have a blue with him over his dogs which like me but he says they are guard dogs and he wants them fierce. He says he will have to shoot them if I talk to them or give them food. We have new neighbours across the road, and they are nice. He is an electrician and she is doing up the house. Gary and Teresita came up today and we went to the Phoenix Hotel for lunch. Robyn is back at work for five full days a week. Katy still barks and I am trying to teach her not to do so. Hope this gets to you.


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    1. Hi Julia! So glad you have received the emails & photos, I’ll be sure to post bit more now we’re feeling a little more settled. My dad has been over and said the place is well looked after in and out, I am sad they are not very friendly toward you and sad to hear about the dogs, all animals should be loved not used as weapons! At this stage we are planning a full year here so not home till mid next year. Glad to have nice new neighbors across the road. And pleased to hear Robyn is doing well, 5 days wow! Katy is such a cutie. So glad to hear from you!


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